Back to Page Authors: Sihmy Algamedi

Keywords: Democracy, Ancient Greece, Roman Republic, Modernity

Abstract: Democracy is a system that most governments of global nations rely upon. It is a political framework for the performance of government and the central pillar of political institutions. Some nations lack democracy, and their people suffer absolutism. Others have struggled to achieve democracy for a long time. Moreover, democracy is distorted in some countries where particular groups favor their political interests. Democracy is used as the cover of tyranny in some countries that men took over the rule. Democracy, as a notion, has been shaped over history; it has acquired characteristics through historical phases. Furthermore, understanding of democracy varies based on a historical moment, cultures, and conflicts. This paper is a brief timeline of democracy in order to know how democracy has emerged. The historical periods of this timeline are Ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, and Modernity. There were different factors of forming democracy through these historical periods; thus, this paper highlights on main factors and detects common elements between the historical periods.