Back to Page Authors: Angsumalin Puntho

Keywords: disruptive technology, digital technology, digital literacy, computer skills

Abstract: Disruptive technology has caused a great influence on our everyday lives and the existence of the organization. Geologists in the public sector need to keep up with digital technology, be able to work and collaborate in a more effective manner. There are inadequate IT personnel, no individual digital literacy development plan, and misunderstanding with management policies. The Office of Civil Service Commission develops digital literacy skills that civil servants and government officers should possess, in order to work effectively, consists of 9 dimensions including computer skills, internet skills, cybersecurity awareness, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation programs, online collaboration, graphics editors and cybersecurity practices; and 6 steps of digital literacy development including self-assessment, individual development plan, self-learning, certified test, learning reflection and practices. Geologists can use digital literacy as a learning tool to develop themselves for better career opportunities.