Back to Page Authors: Deniz Gürgen Atalay

Keywords: Historiography, Historical Film, Yeşilçam Cinema, Early Republican Period of Turkey

Abstract: Among the historical dramas of Yeşilçam Cinema in Turkey, the films that narrate the tales of the Independence War and the Foundation of the Turkish Republic reserve a respectable portion. There are 64 films produced between 1923 and 1974 that represent the historical period. The dominance of nationalist discourses on the historical films to narrate the Indepence War and the Foundation Process in Yeşilçam Cinema broadly reflects the discourse of the official historiography of Turkish Republic. The antagonistic representation of the non-Muslim groups and ethnic diversities in Ottoman society in the historical Yeşilçam films of Independence War would be interpreted through the impact of nationalism in Turkish politics. The prominence of the nationalistic discourses to structure the filmic historiography of the Early Republican Period in Yeşilçam Cinema exhibits the impact of the official state ideology on the culture and society in Turkey until the 90s.