Back to Page Authors: Beg├╝m Erten, Ebru Toy, Mert Tolon

Keywords: Urban Transformation, Asbestos Exposure, Occupational illnesses, Legal Regulations, Occupational Health and Safety

Abstract: Occupational health and safety is the most important parameter of working life. Preventing and minimizing damage to the employees from working environment constitutes the basis of occupational health and safety. In this sense, prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases can be achieved by creating culture, increasing awareness and disseminating information. In terms of occupational health and safety, there are many different sources of danger. In Turkey, urban transformation is becoming an increasing important process to improve the quality of urban life. But during the urban transformation process, demolition of buildings causes danger in terms of occupational illnesses. A great number of employees are exposed to occupational illnesses in their workplaces. In areas where urban transformation applied, the demolition and/or restoration works of the structures, which were built in 1980 and before, brought together the problem of asbestos exposure. It is accepted that high amounts of asbestos exposure for a long time in the demolition area will affect not only the employees of the demolition work but also the families of the employees, the inhabitants of the region and other living things in the same environment. For this reason, many legal regulations were carried out in the world and also in Turkey. The ultimate purpose of this study is to develop measures and control methods in the relevant legislation by carrying out a literature research and in situ evaluation of sample applications. Additionally, obtained findings are expected to be useful and relevant source for future academic studies concentrated on the development of occupational health and safety standards. Finally, the main objective of this study is to get attention on this area by providing information which might be example to the local authorities in Turkey