Back to Page Authors: Abdul-Rahman Balogun Muhammed-Shittu

Keywords: scholarship, scholarship types, academic procrastination, Khazar University

Abstract: The present research is about scholarship as a practice of academic award or financial assistance and support for students to further their education and to enable them to perform excellently. Researchers have dealt with the concepts of scholarship and academic procrastination but separately. This study combines the two concepts to investigate the impact of scholarship on academic procrastination among the students. The study adds to the literature by exploring scholarship impact on academic procrastination through a unique sample of private university students as a control group. The students were grouped into four categories according to their scholarship status and questionnaires measuring academic procrastination were randomly distributed across the participants of 205. As hypothesized, the scholarship was found to be significantly impacted academic procrastination among the students. Recipients of full scholarship with monthly stipends were found with the lowest level in all selected areas of academic procrastination. Oppositely, non-scholarship recipients among the students were reported with the highest values of academic procrastination in all targeted domains of this study as outlined above. Mere assessment of the two outcomes indicates a positive impact of the scholarship on academic procrastination. Accordingly, the study tested whether there is an impact of scholarship on gender on academic procrastination. It was confirmed that female students procrastinate slightly higher than male students. In terms of generalisability, the approach in which the data of this study were gathered, also with the considerable size out of the population make the findings generalizable.