Back to Page Authors: Spandana Mishra, Sanchary Basu

Keywords: economic standards, indicative mark, traditional products, marketing strategy, local producers, rural development, under privileged, geographical indication

Abstract: Abstract- In this globalized world, there are variety of products with increased pace of competition.GI like trademarks is a special type of indicative mark which tells about certain distinct characteristics, qualities and reputation that a particular product has in consonance with its place of origin. However unlike trademarks, GI provides protection to the traditional products which in turn benefits the local producers of a region, or a place or locality. The important characteristics of a traditional product may not be evident only through inspection and may not be appealable to the eyes of the consumer, unless it is quality marked. So GI not only gives a high marketing strategy to such traditional product that is associated to that particular place but also it envisages to build a protection mechanism by shelling the interest of such producers who are indulged in such production process. As a result of such strategy, the producers not only gets recognition in the commercial market but also it helps in the development of the economic standards of the said region at the national and international level. Henceforth the GI affiliated products will not only have the capacity to draw more consumers but also add value to the region in terms of job, incur profit and also promote the region as a whole. Of late, this research paper aims to put a limelight upon development of such traditional products in the rural sector and also to bring transparent solutions in the marketing strategy in order to create awareness amongst the under privileged & darker class of the community producing such products so that they get saved from getting exploited by the witty minds of the monopolists.