Back to Page Authors: Ingrid Aparecida Siqueira Crispim, Alexandre Cappellozza

Keywords: distributive justice, role conflict, technostress, work exhaustion

Abstract: Some studies show physical and psychological problems of employees may emerge from Work Exhaustion. Work Exhaustion refers to the feeling that emotional resources have burnt out, and it is considered as an antecendent of Burnout Syndrome. Work Exhaustion among employees may lead to negative situations as organizational climate decrease. The objective of this study was to analyze managerial factors such as distributive justice, role conflict and technostress, and their influence to the Work Exhaustion. Organizational distributive justice is related to fair results, or resource, allocations among workers into their organizations. Role conflict can occur when employees do not have a proper definition of your duties which may create social discord. Technostress is based on workers´ perception to cope negatively with organizational ICT´s usage. In order to test our hypotheses, Technostress was considered as a construct formed by techno-overload, techno-invasion, techno-complexity, techno-insecurity and techno-uncertainty. Through the data from 273 Brazilian subjects and application of structural equations modeling techniques, our results showed that Technostress has obtained the greatest positive effect on work exhaustion compared to the other factors. Technostress causes a negative impact on workers when associated to technological adaptation, invasion and work overload and it can reach physiological, behavioral and psychological individual aspects by its positive association with exhaustion. Our results exhibit the importance of organizational ICT´s effects on workers. Moreover, the results also showed that role conflict has a positive effect on workers´ fatigue and leaders are advised to develop an important funcion in guiding their employees, prioritizing employees who perform multipurpose demands. Finally, our evidences exhibit that distributive justice reduces workers´stress levels and may improve organizational environment.