Back to Page Authors: Abdelkader Homida

Keywords: mejdoub, sacred and sacralisation, autority, social statment

Abstract: This study takes place at Djelfa, situated at 300 km from the south of Algiers. Here, we focus on the subject of Mejdoub and its social representations, which belongs to the cultural sociology, and which aims to understand the mechanisms that manage the different socio-religious interactions, which are manifested in the Mejdoub space. It is a question of questioning according to the approach of J. K. Abric, and the theory of Pierre Bourdieu on his representations, in the space of Sheikh Naas Bouragba, which consists of his house and his Kouba. observation by participation allowed us to classify the different mechanisms, according to their manifestations, into two main categories: the mechanisms of dominations (karama narratives, the limits), and the mechanisms of submission (rites, punishment). The paper has the following plan: introduction, two essential concepts (Mejdoub, Mourid), biography of Sheikh Naas, mechanisms of dominations, mechanisms of submissions, and lastly the conclusion.